Thursday, March 26, 2009

SCJP 1.6 conquered!!!

I never wanted to write any technical stuff because I know how boring it is! But then I realized what if I can try to tell technical things in very very simplified way. I mean, how I understand technical things, how I realize them and how actually I execute them.

Let me start with my first official certification:

I cleared Sun Certified Java Developer 1.6 on 2nd Feb with 86% marks. I missed 90s and Its ok :).

I will suggest :

1:  Buy a Kathy Sierra/Bert Bates book which has been written for SCJP purpose only.

2: Play this game whenever you are free in your office. I bet you would be 60% of your time :). When you start scoring 100% in these games, you can THINK of being an SUN Certified.

3: Keep on solving some mock exams and visiting java sites and forums. Mock exams show your grey areas and that is really important. I will suggest to visit JavaBlackBelt, JavaPassion, JavaRanch. Once go through these sites, you will fall in love with them.

4:  Most important, do not forget to solve a dump. But try to know the reason behind the answers, know the answers. Dump is itself a mock test which you should not learn by heart, solve it. I wasted my few days with Samrat and solved a dump from epad. We both challenged each other for the questions and never allowed one to tell any answer without a genuine reason. Strategy worked out and we were quite familiar with Sun’s 1.6 newly added features. Thanks Som ;)

You can found Epad’s dump here.

Hope I’ve not tried to brag a lot which I love to do. I know you will say ‘obviously, not!!’ :)


  1. hey dude...thx 4 sharing this...even i m thinkin to appear scjp..

  2. @varun
    Thanks Varun

    let me know if I can help in anything though I am not a sage :P

  3. hello,
    where did you get the scjp 6 dump?

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  5. I didn't get 1.6 dumps.. I read for 1.6 and solved dumps of 1.5 :)

  6. hey..even i'm trying to go for scjp 6..but i really dont know from where to some say that v dont have many books on 1.6

  7. Thanks for the share ..Really appreciated work. And I do have the SCJP Dumps | SCWCD Dumps...I think this is helpful to ur visitors

  8. thanks 4 this sharing with us
    thanks a lot ...