Thursday, March 26, 2009

Google Profile

I always hate to fill a section which is very popularly known as ‘About Me’. How the hell I can type those 1024 or some random number characters, each and every time I visit a new site.

Believe me I really hate this and I very strongly feel that for most of you, this would be very irritating. When they can come up with ‘Open Id’ thing, WHY NOT no one thought about ‘About Me’ section…. After all this section is the next important thing after your user id and password.

Google thought about it and they have allowed a user to create a public profile which COULD BE used among all Google services. Presently it supports Google Maps and Google Reader but I feel its good if they integrate ‘Google profile’ with all the services.

For ‘introvert’ or ‘anonymous’ people, who love to vary their profile information from one site to another, Google can provide an option to ‘not to use Google profile’ but I really love this. This great thought has already helped me to save some of my time. How??

I have already created a Google Profile and love to use it wherever I can. At  least, now I can copy my  ‘About Me’  information and can paste it where ever it is required. For example, I have used the same information in my Blogger Profile and in one of my blogs.

Create yours or see if you have already one :)

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